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The Church

TitleSubjectDelivered ByCentral PassageTypeDate
The Advance of the Gospel (Part 4 of 5)What is a Church?Pastor Jordan HinesActs 1:8Monday,
June 10, 2024
The Great Commission (Part 3 of 5)What is a Church?Pastor Jordan HinesMatthew 28:16-20Sunday,
June 2, 2024
Baptized Christ-followersWhat is the Church?Pastor Jordan HinesSunday,
May 26, 2024
A Covenanted, Committed ChurchWhat is the Church?Pastor Jodan HinesEphesians 5:22–33Sunday,
May 19, 2024
A Healthy, Growing ChurchActsPastor Jordan HinesActs 2:42-47Sunday,
May 12, 2024
A Powerful Message, part 2ActsPastor Jordan HinesAcst 2:14-41Sunday,
May 5, 2024
A Powerful Message, part 1ActsPastor Jordan HinesActs 2:14-28Sunday,
April 21, 2024
The Spark!ActsPastor Jordan HinessActs 2:1-13Sunday,
April 14, 2024
"Baptism of the Ethiopian Eunuch"Northridge Baptist ChurchSunday,
June 25, 2023
Christ-Focused ChurchNorthridge Baptist ChurchSunday,
May 28, 2023