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July and August Update John & Bev Leonard (Baptist Mid-Missions) - Serving in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Continue to pray for protection for our family, both physically and spiritually.

Summer Update from Dan & Karis Mapes (Baptist Mid-Missions) – Serving in Ghana 

  • Praise for two additional people who have become very faithful in their church attendance on Sunday mornings.
  • Pray for our church to grow to be good image bearers of our Father
  • There is a young man who has made a profession of faith some years ago, but hasn’t started
    coming to church. Pray for wisdom as various ones in the fellowship reach out to him.
  • There are several young professional men who are attending in shifts (i.e. off and on). We are
    not sure how well they have understood the gospel.
  • Our continued language acquisition

ABWE: Spiritual Victories in Ukraine

July 2023 Update from Joy Akkermann

This summer is flying by, but I am so thankful for the opportunities that the Lord has brought my way and yours to serve Him. It is such a privilege to serve the Lord!

April to June 2023 Update from Joe and Lisa Kotvas (World Baptist Missions)
Deaf ministry in Peru, South America.

Jun 6, 2023 | Prayer Letters
Dear Friends and Family,
“Howbeit Jesus suffered him not, but saith unto him, Go home to thy friends, and tell them how great things the Lord hath done for thee, and hath had compassion on thee.”   – Mark 5:19
You find more information on their website.

June 2023 Update from Stephen & Edna Muindi (Baptist Mid-Missions) – Serving in Kenya, Africa
Co-Laborers in Christ,
What shall we say? For so many great men and women of faith have gone before us in church planting missionary work and global gospel growth ministry. With their great report of faith, mighty works, and perseverance in ministry, they did not receive the promise of perfection without us (Hebrews 11:32-40). We should serve God diligently knowing that some depend on us for the preaching of the gospel and faithfulness to our faith for their eternal destiny. We urge you to be part of Christ's great living witnesses for His gospel truth.

June 2023 Prayer Letter. We ask you to read each paragraph with a work of prayer. We need your prayers and God's leading in answering your prayers. There is so much to do here in the States and much more to do in Kenya. We need people to work in the mission fields, we need finances to buy, build, and base our ministries. Neither you nor us can do this alone. Come, let's do it together.

In His Care,
Stephen & Edna Muindi

John & Bev Leonard (Baptist Mid-Missions) – Serving in Sao Paulo, Brazil
John is a second generation missionary, and Bev grew up in a strong Christian home on a farm in Northeast Kansas. God's calling to the mission field of Brazil was confirmed to both of us through a missionary conference at Faith Baptist Bible College, along with a missionary apprenticeship survey trip to Northeast Brazil. How our hearts yearned to be able to make a difference in the lives of those dear people! Our arrival on the field in August of 1990 began our church planting ministry in difficult places. After an assassination attempt on John's life in July of 2005, God has graciously allowed us to continue on our ministry which has expanded to the planting of churches in South Brazil and even among the native Guarani villages. Reaching Brazilians with the gospel and producing missionaries is a great way to reach our world, as the Brazilian passport is accepted worldwide. One of John's favorite Scripture verses that describes his life well is Genesis 41:52 "...God has made me fruitful in the land of my affliction."


Dan & Karis Mapes (Baptist Mid-Missions) – Serving in Ghana
Though we are both missionary kids, we were raised in two separate continents. Both of us accepted the gospel at four years old and surrendered to full-time service by high school. Dan trained at Piedmont Baptist Bible College and Karis at Faith Baptist Bible College. In the summer of 1987 we met and, subsequently, Dan departed for a year in Ghana. Through correspondence with Dan, Karis learned of the needs and challenges of ministry in Ghana. Upon Dan’s return to America, we were married and had the unified goal of serving the Lord in the country of Ghana. Dan’s strengths in personal dialogue, soul-winning, and discipleship, along with Karis’s strengths in hospitality, administration, and attentiveness to personal needs have been used by God since the start of our ministry. We began by planting a church in the city of Berekum alongside Pastor Seth Antwi, a disciple of Dan’s parents. Our time in Berekum sharpened our understanding of the importance of developing church leadership, and in 2017 we moved to Wa to assist in leadership development of the students and administration of West Africa Baptist College.