Our "Shepherds" (poimaino--"to shepherd; to pastor"):
Kevin Subra - Lead Pastor
  Kevin served in the US Army for four years, then attended a Bible college, graduating with a B.A. in Biblical Studies. He and his wife Jane are native Iowans, and have 15 children(!) and 7 grandchildren (so far). Kevin began serving as the lead pastor at Northridge in May of 1996. In May, 2005, Kevin & family left to assist a struggling work in West Des Moines, and rejoined the pastoral team in August of 2006. Kevin works in the IT security field.
Jim Douglass - Associate - Pastor of Discipleship & Pastoral Care
  Jim has experience pastoring several churches. Jim & wife Dori joined Northridge in March of 2011. Both Jim & Dori graduated from Prairie Bible Institute in Alberta, Canada. The Douglasses have 5 grown sons and 10 grandchildren.
Kent Spencer - Hispanic Ministry Pastor

Kent Spencer became the pastor of Hispanic ministry here at Northridge in December of 2004. He and his wife, Yvonne, have two adult children and seven grandchildren. [Spanish Ministry Info]

Tony Mendoza - Deaf Ministry Pastor
Tony and his wife Debbie came to Northridge in March of 2005. Tony has led deaf ministries for years, and is a graduate of a Bible college for the deaf. Tony works for the postal service. The Mendozas have 3 sons. [Deaf Ministry Info]
Our "Servants" (diakoneo--"to serve; to deacon")
Lynn Hammel
  Lynn is our office and facility manager, as well as our bookkeeper. Lynn and his wife Judy have five children (including a set of twins!). Lynn is a Bible college graduate, and is employed as a network consultant at a technical support company.
Josh Subra
  Josh focuses primarily on property management, caring for our facility and grounds in every way.