Timeline of Truth - RUTH (taught by Kevin Subra)
  A Chronological Study of Key Events in Scripture and What They Teach Us
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  9/1/19 Ruth Introduction to the Book of Ruth MP3 - Notes  
  9/8/19 Ruth 1:1-5 Tragedy, Added to Adversity, Added to Apostasy MP3 - Notes  
  9/15/19 Ruth 1:5-7 Naomi Makes Difficult Decisions MP3 - Notes  
  9/22/19 Ruth 1:8-18 Naomi Seeks a Better Future for Her Daughters-in-Law MP3 - Notes  
  9/29/19 Ruth 1:19-22 Naomi Enters Bethlehem (with Ruth) Greeted but Grieved MP3 - Notes  
  10/6/19 Ruth 2:1-3 Ruth Seeks to Provide, and God Works Out the Details MP3 - Notes  
  10/13/19 Ruth 2:4-17 Boaz Rewards Ruth's Choices MP3 - Notes  
  10/20/19 Ruth 2:18-23 Ruth Returns Home from Gleaning, and Naomi Responds MP3 - Notes  
  10/27/19 Ruth 3:1-5 Naomi Guides Ruth to Approach Boaz MP3 - Notes  
  11/3/19 Ruth 3:6-18 Ruth Approaches Boaz as Naomi Instructed MP3 - Notes  
  11/10/19 Ruth 4:1-6 Boaz Goes to the Gate to Secure Ruth's Future MP3 - Notes  
  11/17/19 Ruth 4:7-11a Boaz Redeems Ruth MP3 - Notes  
  11/24/19 Ruth 4:11b-13 The Blessing of Children Spoken and Illustrated MP3 - Notes  
  12/1/19 Ruth 4:14-17 The LORD Accomplishes (a Step in) His Plan MP3 - Notes  
  12/8/19 Ruth 4:18-22 God’s Control: Evidenced by David's Genealogy MP3 - Notes  
  12/15/19 Ruth 1-4 SUMMARY: The Book of Ruth in Rhyme MP3 - Notes