Six Scenes from Christmas
  A study of six key events of the true Christmas story, and the life-impacting lessons that come from them.
Fun With a Purpose
  101107 Luke 1:26-38 God Chooses a Mother for Jesus MP3 - Notes - Full Notes Static Drama Slideshow
  101114 Matt 1:18-25 God Arranges an Earthly Father for Jesus MP3 - Notes - Full Notes  
  101121 Luke 2:1-5 God Guides the Circumstances of Jesus' Birth MP3 - Notes - Full Notes  
  101128 Luke 2:6-7 Jesus Is Born in Bethlehem MP3 - Notes - Full Notes  
  101205 Luke 2:8-20 Angels Announce Jesus' Birth to Shepherds MP3 -Notes - Full Notes  
  101219 Matt 2:1-12 Wise Men Worship Jesus MP3 - Notes - Full Notes